• Live the Irish Family Experience

Home stay for teenagers (12-20 years)

The family home stay takes place in the summer from the end of June to the end of July. It lasts 4 weeks as we believe it’s the minimum duration to ensure a successful immersion in the language.

Our clients are hosted in families who also have a teenager of approximately the same age and with similar interest; we want the right family for you. So we interview each host family and their son or daughter thoroughly before choosing them. They know why you are coming and are willing to help you improve your language skills and to make your stay as much enjoyable as possible.

We carefully explain what is expected of each family so as to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments.

The families make a commitment with us to plan weekly activities during your stay so that you will have as much exposure to Ireland, its people and the culture in the time you are here.

The stay in punctuated with weekly cultural and sportive activities. Every week, we organise outings to show the most interesting side of the Irish heritage.

On these days we reunite the group along with their Irish hosts and we enjoy a day out on a cultural or sporting activity. We believe it’s important for the group to make contact and to get to know the other Irish hosts in order to build their relationships and give them moral support.

This enhances their cultural awareness, broadens their horizons and gives them a deeper insight into the language they are learning.