• Live the Irish Family Experience


Ireland is a great place to learn English since its people are known to speak the language with a clear accent. Their hospitality is recognised worldwide to be in their nature and they are also well-known to be warm hearted and cheerful folks.

An expression used in Ireland a lot is “the craic” “the craic is mighty” “great craic” “What’s the craic?” It’s simply the fun/enjoyment of life.

This is a central theme of the fun loving people of this island. Also known as an Island of saints and scholars, Ireland is a country of easy-going people who love (good) music, storytelling and meeting people.

Irish people are proud of their rich culture and enjoy sharing it with visitors.
Celtic vestiges can easily be found all over the island, as in archaeological, historical and sacred sites; their presence keep the Celtic legends alive in the melodies, crafts or literature.

The countryside itself, with its ever tender green hills reflecting in its abounding lakes, gives the mystical charisma to Ireland.